Digital Catapult

Partnerships Manager

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Your job will be to connect the Digital Catapult to business and industry in the UK. You will be part of a team that helps companies to transform around the adoption of advanced digital technology and to become more effective in a more challenging marketplace. This is where the Catapult provides key value to the UK economy. You will be responsible for identifying companies that the Catapult can help and to turn them into commercial clients, generating income to help the organisation grow and expand its capabilities.

what you’ll do
  • Actively seek companies who would benefit from digital transformation and identify and approach the right business leaders within the organisation
  • Effectively communicate the benefits of digital exploitation and the value that the Catapult will provide
  • Develop relationships with target companies to close significant commercial contracts
  • Create and maintain positive account relationships with new and existing clients aimed at retaining and growing income over several years
  • Help to communicate what digital transformation means to the manufacturing and creative sectors
what we’re looking for
  • Analytical people who can identify and qualify potential target clients
  • Confidence with the ability to approach and engage people at senior levels within a major company
  • An ability to communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing
  • Proven experience of complex sales processes and an ability to close deals
  • Ability to be creative in providing new opportunities and value as well as a clear customer focus
  • Passion about the benefits of digital technology and an ability to express this in conferences and meetings