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5G Technologist

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Based in London, this role offers an exciting mix of activities focused on practical deployment, running, and involvement with advanced service development activities for 5G infrastructure with a particular focus on immersive applications. We are looking for an experienced person to lead the deployment of 5G network testbeds and provide 5G technical support to a team that is seeking to develop demonstrators for AR/VR content applications. The candidate should have a good understanding of the current state of 5G, with hands-on experience of network systems, understanding of their evolution and roadmap, as well as as an interest in the media/immersive/AR/VR landscape and the its use cases in 5G. The successful candidate will be joining the 5G Smart Tourism project, one of the 6 collaborative 5G projects funded by Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, aiming to establish early leads for 5G in the UK. The project will conduct field trials of immersive, 5G applications by March 2019. The successful candidate will be responsible for working closely with project partners to build and facilitate access to external companies to a 5G testbed in London.

what you’ll do
  • Lead the deployment of a novel architecture for a 5G Testbed, including contributing to its design
  • Oversee the testbed adaptations for companies’ experiments on the testbed
  • Provide 5G technical support to teams developing immersive content applications and services
  • Liaise with immersive technology companies and content makers, including understanding immersive use cases and challenges, and gather requirements for the 5G testbed and demonstrations on it
  • Liaise within the team to make configuring and managing experimental setups of IP network equipment and dedicated servers happens.
what we’re looking for
  • Background in Wireless Communication Systems (3G/4G/5G) and core networks. Understanding of 5G protocols. Ability to engage with specifying, configuring and setting up mobile system core components
  • Programming experience
  • hands-on experience of network setup and maintenance, with awareness of MEC
  • Operational knowledge of communications network, with demonstrable knowledge of their architecture, protocols and capability
  • some interest in explaining technology work for service developers
  • A good communicator, who is experienced in working across disciplines with external contributors. Prior knowledge of the immersive landscape and use cases is an advantage
  • Some experience in deployment or operational aspects of LTE and early 5G. Scripting/integration knowledge or experience