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George Belias

Regional Manager | Digital Adoption, 5G, AI, DLT, IoT, Immersive, Partnerships, Strategic Planning

George Belias sat in the cockpit as an entrepreneur, investor, portfolio and financial manager for more than 18 years and more recently as a partnerships manager.

George started his career as an entrepreneur in Chicago, IL and found himself being part of large investment funds such as the Vanguard Funds amongst others. He is passionate about combining his financial and business expertise with technology solutions in building teams and companies and designing products/services that profoundly improve people’s lives.

When George moved to England he worked closely with global investment and advisory firms, engineers and scientists working on foundational deep technology, to help bring technology out of the lab and into citizen lives.

Currently, George is the Digital Catapult Regional Manager with primary focus in commercial and CR&D activities via the technologies of artificial intelligence, future networks, immersive and distributed systems.

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